The Seacoast Microbrew Festival, brought to you by 7th Settlement Brewery, is the realized vision of a community of brewing, eating, and creation of all sorts.
Set along the winding, granite-lined Cocheco Riverbank, the Seacoast Microbrew Festival features local breweries, restaurants, music and more. With the help of fantastic local businesses and artisans, the Seacoast comes together to celebrate our community.
At 7th Settlement, our mission is to collaborate with the best of our community. We seek to cross the paths of farmers, brewers and culinarians – the brightest people and ideas. Such support creates not only scratch farm to table fare and craft brews, but local enrichment and insulation good for ground and town. So a brewfest put on to bring the best of the Seacoast together is simply the logical realization of our mission! The fact that there are so many willing to participate in and support this celebration is both humbling and inspiring.
The idea started as most ideas begin at 7th, over a pint. Dover, New Hampshire is truly a fast-developing city. Anyone who has lived in or near the beautiful mill town for a few years can see the vast growth taking place. Around three years ago Dover had zero breweries. Now the community supports two! (And we’re happy to share Dover with Garrison City Beerworks.)
What started with a pint and a jaw session in the brewery has turned into so much more! We not only showcase some of the best breweries on the Seacoast, we also get to work with local restaurants, artists, creators, and musicians. The Seacoast Microbrew Festival isn’t simple a brewfest – it’s living, breathing proof of our community’s richness.
We hope dearly to see you this summer in Henry Law Park. The 2016 Seacoast Microbrew Festival is going to be a huge improvement over last year – a celebration you sure don’t want to miss!