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The Seacoast Microbrew Festival, brought to you by 7th Settlement Brewery, is the realized vision of a community of brewing, eating, and creation of all sorts.
Set along the winding, granite-lined Cocheco Riverbank, the Seacoast Microbrew Festival features local breweries, restaurants, music and more. With the help of fantastic local businesses and artisans, the Seacoast comes together to celebrate our community.
At 7th Settlement, our mission is to collaborate with the best of our community. We seek to cross the paths of farmers, brewers and culinarians – the brightest people and ideas. Such support creates not only scratch farm to table fare and craft brews, but local enrichment and insulation good for ground and town. So a brewfest put on to bring the best of the Seacoast together is simply the logical realization of our mission! The fact that there are so many willing to participate in and support this celebration is both humbling and inspiring.
The idea started as most ideas begin at 7th, over a pint. Dover, New Hampshire is truly a fast-developing city. Anyone who has lived in or near the beautiful mill town for a few years can see the vast growth taking place. Around three years ago Dover had zero breweries. Now the community supports two! (And we’re happy to share Dover with Garrison City Beerworks.)
What started with a pint and a jaw session in the brewery has turned into so much more! We not only showcase some of the best breweries on the Seacoast, we also get to work with local restaurants, artists, creators, and musicians. The Seacoast Microbrew Festival isn’t simple a brewfest – it’s living, breathing proof of our community’s richness.
We hope dearly to see you this summer in Henry Law Park. The 2016 Seacoast Microbrew Festival is going to be a huge improvement over last year – a celebration you sure don’t want to miss!

on the brewfest stage: martin england and the reconstructed

Most of the members of Martin England and the Reconstructed Trio are Mug Club Members at 7th – and we’re sure proud of that! The group was a long-time favorite and resident music act at 7th Settlement. Not to mention the fact that they rocked the 2015 Seacoast Mircobrew Festival opposite Gretchen & the Pickpockets. Needless to say, we can’t wait to hear them play the Saturday, July 9th session of the brewfest this year!



New England-based Martin England & the Reconstructed perform emotionally-charged, heart-harvesting songs with the power and explosiveness of sweeping winds and torrential rain, while leaving plenty of silence in all the right spaces. This dynamic five-piece creates blurry, smudged lines between the traditions of folk and rock, creating a unique blend of music complete with mind-melting vocal harmonies, intrinsic guitar lines, sparkling acoustics, and rhythms which sound like they were derived in the forest. 
Their latest release, Dawn Chorus, recently at the Spotlight Awards music jury in an evening-long argument over which song on the album was best (they received four Spotlight nominations). At their release party in September 2015, The Reconstructed sold out 3S ArtSpace in Portsmouth, NH, with the crowd stacking their chairs up like cordwood to clear space on the dance floor.
Band members Courtney Brocks, Jesse Dold, and Martin England create dazzling three-part harmonies over folk rock arrangements held down by bassist Andrew Russell and drummer Sean Daniels. A tapestry of swirling guitars – acoustic and electric – echoes through reverberated melodies and storylines. 
Recommended if you like: My Morning Jacket, Avett Brothers, Wilco, Band of Horses, Bob Dylan, Tom Petty, and The Band.
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on the brewfest stage: muddy ruckus

on the brewfest stage: muddy ruckus
We’re thrilled to have Muddy Ruckus on the brewfest stage this summer! The duo played more than a few times at 7th Settlement to a deeply impressed audience. They’ll be playing the Sunday, July 10th session of the brewfest opposite Gretchen and the Pickpockets.



Muddy Ruckus is a nationally touring americana-rock duo from Portland, Maine. The stripped down power duo features guitarist Ryan Flaherty and percussionist Erika Stahl. Muddy Ruckus blends haunting male/female vocals, rootsy guitar and edgy percussion on a suitcase drum kit. The band seasons their music with the salt of the eastern old ports and the mud of the Mississippi River where Flaherty grew up, creating an epic blend of bluesy folk rock, foot stomping rhythms and haunting vocal melodies. The New York Music Daily calls Muddy Ruckus “Darkly Inventive Americana”. In April 2016, Muddy Ruckus was dubbed “Best in State of Maine” by the New England Music Awards.
Muddy Ruckus’ music is a fat blend of subterranean grooves, punk-folk and electric suitcase rock. Flaherty, originally from Rock Island, IL, met Stahl in 2013 in Portland Maine. They played on porches, street corners and campfires and became Muddy Ruckus. They would rehearse on the road, in the car, at shows and in the studio. The duo continues to pull inspiration from the music they love – old-timey folk music, dirty electric blues, circa 1940 hot swing and rock n roll – dressing it with Dylan-esque lyrics that poke fun at society and poetically examine the state of the world.
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on the brewfest stage: gretchen & the pickpockets

on the brewfest stage: gretchen & the pickpockets
Gretchen & the Pickpockets will be gracing the stage again this year! They played an amazing show at the 2015 Seacoast Microbrew Festival and we can’t wait to hear them play again this year!



Since banding together at the University of New Hampshire over a mutual love of jazz, soul and rock and roll, Gretchen & The Pickpockets have performed all over the United States. Named after a hometown road with a history for larceny, the group quickly gained attention with their uniquely polished blend of genres and energetic live shows. After becoming a global finalist in the Hard Rock Rising competition and garnering nominations for best song and favorite act at the Seacoast Spotlight Awards, the band released their eponymous debut album and toured across the country to promote it. With their album used as a soundtrack for the award winning web series “Staying in Boston,” G&P won best theme song at LA Webfest 2015. Recently nominated as the best band in NH at the New England Music Awards and showing no signs of slowing down, the group has earned a reputation as “one of the most promising young bands in existence today.”
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on the brewfest stage: amulus

on the brewfest stage: amulus
One of Dover’s favorite bands, Amulus, will be playing the Saturday, July 9th session of the 2016 Seacoast Mircrobrew Festival. And we’re pumped! The band members frequent 7th Settlement (some of them are Mug Club Members) so we’ve gotten to know them quite well. They’ll be an amazing addition to the brewfest lineup this year.



Amulus is a genre-bending improvisational rock band based out of New Hampshire that continues to turn heads as they strive to make each live show a unique experience. The band’s song writing uses elements of rock, funk, reggae, blues, and psychedelic to create a signature blend of sounds. Named after one of the characters in their song’s ongoing fantasy storyline, Amulus is interested in originality and dedicated to providing a full experience to the audience.

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a letter to the 2015 attendees

Dear 2015 Brewfest Attendees,
You’re receiving this email because you so graciously supported the debut 2015 Seacoast Microbrew Festival last year and we’d love to see you again this year!
Our first ever brewfest was a blast. And while we had so much fun putting it on, we wanted to let you know about some improvements we’re making to this year’s event.
Firstly, and most importantly, we are holding two, count ‘em, two sessions this year! And with fewer available tickets per day we’ll be able to celebrate with more beer lovers AND cut down on lines. Instead of one large beer tent, like last year (a bit of an issue with long lines in the July heat) we will be dividing the breweries into two tents.
In addition, we will be having two bands per session, more food vendors, and everyone goes home with a SMBF tasting glass.
So to make it short and sweet, the 2016 Seacoast Microbrew Festival will feature twice the music, half the lines, and more Seacoast beer than ever!
Thank you again for your support! We can’t wait to come together again this year.
You can buy your tickets at 7th Settlement Brewery or online at
7th Settlement and the SMBF Team
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